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Hoon’s Ice Bucket Challenge (with Jun’s help)!

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2 days till U-KISS' 6th anniversary↳ 2013 Summary


2 days till U-KISS' 6th anniversary
↳ 2013 Summary

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Let’s learn language and grammar with Shin DongHo LOL

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Hello long time no talk

난 항상 아무렇지 않은 척

하지만 이 포장 된 마음 안은

꽤나 소심한 작은 아이가 숨 쉬어

call up

그 아이가 말을 해

자기도 보고 싶다고 전해달래

참고 참다 이젠 곪디 곪아 더는 못 버텨

렙으로 된 표현

I see you

보이지는 않더라도 마음으로 보이고 느껴 (her)

I hear you

들리지가 않아도 눈 감으면 목소리가 들려(her)

난 보일 듯 안보일 듯

잡힐 듯 안 잡히는 그저 느낄 수 있는

널 배회하는 Casper

나도 네가 보고 싶어

You miss me?

I miss you too.

You believe me?

I believe you too.

You trust me?

I trust you too.

You feel me?

I feel you too.

You love me?

I do love you too.

I miss you so much

I’m helpless, I am defeated

Miss you so much

You break me into pieces

I’ve been waiting for you to mend me

Miss you so much 

Miss you so much

"Something that I always wanted to say: I miss you so much."

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Soohyun (almost) sleeping appreciation post 

ヽrequested by inmyownfiction like two years ago 

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The opening.. (*ノ▽ノ)

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【Music Japan TV】U-KISSの手あたりしだい!#18 みどころ

[ROUGH TRANS] 140816 Fan Account: Sendai Concert night session


After Neverland when the stage darkened, KISSmes revealed the slogan to congratulate on Hoon’s birthday. Almost all of the KISSmes held the slogan and it was beautiful.

When Hoon saw the slogans, he said “Thank you” happily many times and broke into a smile, but the other…

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Kiseop’s precious reaction (▰˘◡˘▰)

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